The King’s School
White River

The principle that The King’s School White River  holds dear is one of a disciplined environment upheld by management, teachers, parents and students alike.

It is discipline that allows a school to function properly and to be able to get to the task for which it has been granted a mandate:  A mandate to educate and prepare

our students for the part they have to play in our New South Africa.

The King’s School White River has a disciplinary model  in place that upholds the principles of fairness and integrity.

At the heart of the model are dedicated staff who’s main function is to enforce and  modify our model to remain current and effective.

Expectations are clearly communicated to make sure that each and everyone understands and upholds the rules:

Learners will comply with instructions and the general rules of the School

Learners will behave responsibly and will not endanger the safety and welfare of others

School Conduct