The King’s School
White River


The King’s School is an independent Christian School that aims to be a school of excellence, dedicated to producing accountable, innovative members of society.

About The King’s School WR


The King’s School seeks to fulfil the vision in a disciplined and purposeful, safe and structured environment as required in the South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act 84 of 1996)

The educators are dedicated to the improvement and the maintenance of the quality of the learning process.  We strive to offer a well-grounded rigorous education using innovative techniques and technology.

Sport And Culture

If you like sport then The King’s School White River is the school for you. We offer a wide variety of sports to ensure that participants of all sports types get the training and experience they deserve.

Day Trips

The King’s School White River hosts annual day trips to various tourist & cultural attractions around mpumalanga. These trips include visits to